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I am a 63yo bi male in Winnipeg, Manitoba who is looking for open minded people for NSA FWB fun. I love girls with something extra and cocks in lingerie. My page contains images of all the fantasies and dreams I hope one day will come true.

NSFW!!! This page contains nudity and sexually explicit pics and comments. You must be 18+ to view. I do not take responsibility for the pictures displayed here as they are from this site and all over the net. If you own the copyright of any pictures, then tell me and I will remove them.

Feel free to submit your pics. You must be 18+ and the pics can only be of you and not someone else.

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That’s it, lick his balls and I’ll suck his cock through the pantyhose.

That’s it, lick his balls and I’ll suck his cock through the pantyhose.

I want some of this.

I want some of this.

This is making my mouth so wet.

This is making my mouth so wet.

Would truly enjoy munching her furry pussy.

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She is so hot.

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my hubby has definitely abandoned the use of men’s clothes in the house. 

he uses only lingerie, stockings, petticoats, often without panties. 

shaved so, it really is a delicious slut.

Would enjoy some time with your hubby.  Very sexy and making me so horny.

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Ladies in lingerie are so erotic and sensual.  What do you think?????

I wonder if anyone would refuse to have some fun with this lovely lady???????????

Why can’t I find a cutie like her closer to home?

I would do almost anything she wants to please her.

Mrs. L

Classy lady.

Damn I would give almost anything to be with her.

This looks yummy.